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Seminar - Global Warming and Climate Change (in Turkish)

Title:  Global Warming and Climate Change

Date: October 30, 2017, 12.00

Place: KMB-319

Seminar Advisor:  Assist. Prof. Dr. Osman İSMAİL

Presenter: Ahmet Murat ERAYVAZ

Brief Introduction:  Since the industrial revolution, in particular the combustion of fossil fuels, such as deforestation, industrial processes, due to the rapid increase in people's atmospheric to atmosphere greenhouse gases emitted by various events, as a result of enhancement of natural greenhouse effect with the help of urbanization earth and temperature increase in the lower part of the atmosphere "Global Warming" name it is given. The effects of global warming, which cause changes in the global climate system, are felt everywhere in the world, from the highest peaks, to ocean depths, to equatorial poles. A 2 ° C increase in temperature in the Mediterranean Basin will cause the effects of unexpected weather events, hot weather fluctuations, an increase in the number and effect of forest fires and hence biodiversity loss, decrease in tourism revenues, loss of agricultural yield and most importantly drought.