Chemical Engineering Department Compulsory Internship Documents are listed below:

-FR-0284-Yildiz Technical University SGK (Compulsory Internship) Form

-FR-0286-Internship Registration Form

-FR-0285-General Health Insurance Declaration and Commitment Form

-FR-0750-Chemistry Engineering Business Internship Evaluation Form

-FR-0752-Chemistry Engineering Laboratory Internship Evaluation Form

-FR-1266-Unemployment Fund Contribution Information Form for Internship Fees

-FR-1285-Chemical Engineering Department Internship Commitment Form

-Calendar of internship (internship dates should be marked according to official vacations)


Internship Procedure

FR-0284 Numbered-Yildiz Technical University SGK (Compulsory Internship) Form and FR-1266-Internship Fees Unemployment Fund Contribution Information Form are filled by the student and approved by the company to be interned.
In addition to the forms mentioned in the 1st step, FR-0286, FR-0285 and FR-1285 are also filled by the student and submitted to the department.
* The photocopy of identity card and the calendar of the internship must be added.
Internship Book is prepared according to the internship type (laboratory / operation), taking into account the evaluation criteria in the FR-0750 and FR-0752 forms. 
*Prepared Internship Book’s each page should be signed by the company official.
The internship book is submitted to the department after 1 month at the latest from the end of the internship.